How can I make the alt-tab window switch show only windows from the current workspace?

I use alt-tab pretty frequently to switch through my windows, and I like to separate different types of windows into different workspaces (eg. work, programming, gaming, media, etc). However, it gets very annoying when windows from different workspaces mix up with the current one. How can I make it so the alt-tab window switcher only shows windows from the current workspace?

You can use Alt + Esc to cycle through windows on the current workspace.

Is there a way to make it the same as alt tab though? With this method I switch through windows directly, but I like to see the previews

I'm not sure, but you can check within Settings -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts. I think it's something like "Navigation" (I'm not at my computer at the moment).

What I mean is not the specific alt-tab shortcut but how it looks, with how all the small previews show up

Oh, I see. I'm afraid I don't know how to do that, but since the windows are all in the same workspace that I'm already looking at, the "preview" seems unnecessary.

At least, it seems that I've grown used to this behavior. But if you find an answer to this please do share, as I've thought about it sometimes.

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