How can I make zorin look more frutiger aero?

how can I make my zorin install look like its the mid too late 2000's (FRUTIGER AERO)?

Is that a Win Aero theme you're talking about? :smirk:

Have you looked into

If nothing there suits; you can work toward the development of a custom theme to match what you have in mind.

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Also try stopping your compositor for nostalgic screen tearing and glitches :grin:

how would I install these themes?

i mean i've seen linux desktops from the late 2000's that looked aero AF

Gotcha - yeah, do remember the craze, Slax was the top one for graphics years ago.

To install, I believe you just extract to /home/USER/.themes - then apply within Zorin Appearance, maybe under 'shell'? Haven't tried other themes though..

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To expand on this quote above:
If needed, you can right click an open area of your home folder, choose to create a new folder and name it .themes
Then extract your .zip file for the preferrred theme in that directory.

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Forgot that bit! :wink:

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thank you

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You are welcome. I make GTK themes, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

I moved the solution to the first post on how to install the theme.

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