How can I manually configure a proxy?

He used proxies a lot, and in the network settings (in proxy) I can only choose between "none" and "automatic" mode ...

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You can follow the instruction on this page (Zorin 16 is based on Ubuntu 20.04):

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Is there no way to activate manual mode from the GUI? I followed the guide and still I can't connect to the proxy network, I did it through the terminal but I can't connect

I do not use Proxy myself so I have no idea.
I hope other volunteers on the forum have a better idea.

@Aravisian do you know how to set Proxy?

Don't know if this will help
Setting Up Proxy with Ubuntu Desktop GUI

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I'm with Bubby on this... The link provided shows manual configuration options. What are we missing?

It happens that in the GUI, it does not have the manual way ... I only get the option to paste a URL, I want to know if something needs to be downloaded, or if this Lite version does not have the manual configuration option. By Since that way it would be easier for me.

I would like it to be as easy as it is in Windows.

You are right - the GUI leaves much to be desired.

You can do so easily from terminal or by using any Text editor to edit your /etc/environment file.
A lengthy Guide may be more useful:


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