How can I recover a BTRFS partition?

hello forum.
I searched a lot on the forum and on StackOverFlow SuperUser and on StackOverFlow Ubuntu and in general on the internet, but I can't understand part of the commands and if I'm doing it right.

My HD has some badblocks, I used it with the BRTFS driver in Windows, I think I tried to copy something to it and the electric light went out in the middle of the copy, when I restarted Windows it no longer recognized the partition, saying that it It is in Raw format.

First an answer on Superuser - StackOverflow suggests the following commands:

btrfs rescue super-recover -v /dev/sdc3
All Devices:
	Device: id = 1, name = /dev/sdc3

Before Recovering:
	[All good supers]:
		device name = /dev/sdc3
		superblock bytenr = 65536

		device name = /dev/sdc3
		superblock bytenr = 67108864

		device name = /dev/sdc3
		superblock bytenr = 274877906944

	[All bad supers]:

All supers are valid, no need to recover

Apparently it doesn't need repair on the superblock.
When I try to mount, look what appears:

mount /dev/sdc3 /home/zorin/X/
mount: /home/zorin/X: Wrong file system type, invalid option, invalid superblock in /dev/sdc3, missing code page or helper, or other error.

The following command shows errors, but how do I recover:

btrfs check /dev/sdc3
Opening filesystem to check...
checksum verify failed on 498614272 found 000000CE wanted 00000000
checksum verify failed on 498614272 found 000000FF wanted 0000006B
checksum verify failed on 498614272 found 000000CE wanted 00000000
bad tree block 498614272, bytenr mismatch, want=498614272, have=353805839351056712
Couldn't read tree root
ERROR: cannot open file system

I do not know what else to do!

The possibility that the HDD is fried.

Have you tried

It cannot read the directory root. The filesystem is corrupt, whether from multiple rewrites or hardware failure. Check the disk as was already recommended. Hopefully you have a copy of its contents.

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