How can i remove java

i downloaded java 11 with terminal
i wanted to download java 8 how do i remove java 11?

I did a quick search with Google and found this on how to remove applications:

i haven't found java i think it didin't install correclty lol
alteast now i know i can download java 8

do you know how can i download it by chance?

wait i wrote java -version and it says i have java 11
but it's not showing when i write dpkg --list

do i keep pressing down arrow until i find it?

Zorin has Flatpaks and Snaps too. I am not on Zorin now so I cannot check. Perhaps your Java is a Flatpak or Snap package?

snap list

flatpak list


If it shouldn't be a Snap or Flatpak like @C141ZorinOS wrote to You, maybe You should use Synaptic to search it. Open the Terminal and type sudo apt install synaptic and then open it and search for java.

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not on both

i found java there but how do i delete it? it has many packages in it, it's not a package

You make a right-click on it. And there You have Options to delete it. There should be an Option to delete all depending Packages. That will mark the Packages. Then You look if some stuff is unmarked and then You mark that too.

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