How can I replace SANE-STABLE with SANE-GIT to support a new scanner?

I have a new Fujitsu iX1600 scanner that is only supported by the GIT (i.e. development) version of the SANE package. I know how to add the PPA for the GIT version, but it appears that Zorin has "buried" the STABLE version of the SANE routines in a way that prevents the new GIT versions from being recognized. Under Linux MINT it was easy to delete the STABLE version and install the GIT version. After doing so, the new iX1600 scanner worked fine!

I really like to hear from anyone who can suggest how the "built in" SANE package can be removed in Zorin 16.0!

Many thanks, Wayne

Have you tried:

sudo apt remove --purge sane


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