How can I replace Zorin Core with Zorin Lite?

My pc is lagging to much so I want to degrade form zorin core to zorin lite

You can install Zorin OS Lite on your machine in much the same way as you installed Zorin OS Core. Just choose the option that works best for you- to install alongside, keeping both or to overwrite the disk and install.
Please see here:

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What about installing zorin-lite-desktop without reinstalling the whole OS? I mean, I did it a few days ago and it worked smooth as butter without any problems. I was using both Zorin Core and Zorin Lite without dual-booting :laughing:
P.S: I was using lightdm. So, it wasn't a complete GNOME experience.

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That is always possible it's like installing a system like mint or arch and using one DE then installing another and just logging into the DE you want however the only problem with that is stability and conflict issues so a clean install is always best unless you know how to completely remove all packages and files ie

Sudo pacman -Rns kde-plasma (or package name) I came from arch so I don't know the way to do it on Ubuntu based distros think it's sudo apt remove and then do sudo apt autoremove for redundant packages

sudo apt install kde-full

Edited the title to avoid potential confusion. The word "Degrade" would imply that the Lite edition of Zorin OS is inferior to the Core edition.

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