How can I restore zorin-desktop?

hi, I update my zorin-os to ubuntu 22.04 LTS after the update I couldn't log into my account so i use tty5. I create another user but same problem .
so i use "sudo apt install --reinstall gdm3 ubuntu-desktop gnome-shell".
and I was able to login but I lost zorin-desktop :sweat_smile:.

At this point you need to reinstall Zorin OS as it's not possible to downgrade a whole system.

OK thanks ,so if zorin ask me for about the system update in my case(Ubuntu 22.04) i should ignore it ?.

Yes, as it sounds like you have enable it in your sourcelist/repositories. As default Zorin has this feature disabled.

thank you very much , i don't like LTS version it has a lot of bugs unlike Ubuntu 22.10. gnome network display it doesn't connect to my tv but in version 22.10 it does.

Ubuntu 22.10 is more than 2 years newer, a lot of things and improvement do happen in that time. When Zorin 17 comes out later this year it will be based on Ubuntu 22.04

I hope zorin 17 will be good.

Thank you for your time :smiling_face:

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