How can I revert back to Zorin Core?

I recently switched my desktop environment from Core to Zorin Lite using this command:

sudo apt install zorin-os-lite-desktop

The installation went ahead successfully and the XFCE-based environment was installed. Now I want to revert back to Core, what's the equivalent command or way to do that?

Open Synaptic package manager and search for anything commencing with Zorin: it should either bring back gnome desktop or core. Can't check as posting from smartphone.

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Since you installed the lite DE in addition to core, you can switch between the two environments at the login screen. There is a menu bar at the top of the lightdm login screen. I haven't used it in a while, I'm on KDE, but one of the pulldown menus should have gnome and possibly wayland listed in it. Choose the gnome option and you will be in the core desktop environment. On the gdm login screen, once you click to see the password field, there will be a cog in the bottom right corner, that will give you the option to change from gnome to either xfce or Wayland.

Once logged into core you can remove the xfce DE using the same command used to install it, but change install to remove, if you choose.


Thank you! There's indeed a menu on top of the login screen to choose between desktops. I haven't yet decided to remove Xfce and it is great to be able to choose.

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After logging in to Zorin Core, I am unable to remove the Xfce desktop.

sudo apt remove zorin-os-lite-desktop is not working.

Package 'zorin-os-lite-desktop' is not installed, so not removed

Any pointers?

You can try using the synaptic package manager. If you don't have it installed use sudo apt install synaptic To install it. It provides a gui to remove / install packages. Select all the xfce and lightdm packages and you can uninstall that way.

As a side note. If you installed xfce seperately, you didn't install Zorin's version, you installed the main xfce de. This is why it shows as not installed. Try apt remove xfce-desktop.

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Hi Folks,

I'm moving from windows-10 to Linux, dual-booting on the way.

I’ve tried Linux a few times but never really got it working. This time I will.
I installed Zorin Core 16.1 with the Gnome desktop and it worked fairly well.
Then I bought Zorin Pro 16.1 and installed it with the XFCE desktop and it is barely usable.
Fonts and icon sizes are all over the place, the cursor jumps all over the place, some parts of files are down below the bottom of the screen with no way to scroll to them.
Right now it is set up to boot directly to the desktop, bypassing the login screen.
Am guessing the best thing is for me to go back to the Gnome desktop.
Can somebody please tell me how do I do this?

Thanks and good health, Weogo

You will either have to install the gnome desktop sudo apt install zorin-os-desktop or reinstall completely from the live image. You should have access to either lite or core from the download link to install either pro version (one copy for one machine in your home). If you do not, you can ask the Zorin's by emailing a support ticket or through the forum (azorin or zorink) to ask for a core download in place of the lite download. The price is the same, so shouldn't be an issue.

I'm sure there are people who would like to actually run it and decide between Core and lite. i wish it was easy to switch between the two by GUI.

They can install and try out both. If in Core, from the terminal, sudo apt install zorin-os-lite-desktop. This should include any packages/ libraries necessary to run the lite desktop (xfce de, lightdm and all xfce based applications). Xfce still uses gtk so not much will change with the applications necessary.

Try both, log into the one you want to keep and uninstall the Zorin desktop from apt that you don't want.

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I had auto-login enabled and forgot to switch the desktop environment and ran sudo apt remove zorin-os-lite-desktop while in Lite, so now it won't boot. it's difficult for me...

The Zorin Lite desktop should never have icons out of view on screen, odd sizes on icons and fonts - something broke.
If possible, a complete reinstall of Zorin OS would be your best bet....
Clean out the broken packages that caused that above and get a fresh start...

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