How can I set an animated wallpaper if I have 2 monitors?

Sorry, I installed the live wallpaper from Storm's tutorial.
But I use two monitors, what can I do? when I reboot my PC this always happens:

Is there a solution?

It looks like you have two different resolutions on the monitors.
I could be wrong, please correct me if so.

you are correct, one is 1600 x 900 (the main one) and the other is 1366 x 768.

What happens when you set them both to the same resolution?


Is that a very low resolution?
I am guessing your monitors only have a low Common resolution?

yes, the only one supported by both monitors is 1024 x 768.

Many monitors support adding custom resolutions beyond the default. There are limitations, of course, but that gets complicated. Let's first see what we can do:

This is sadly a side-effect of how X11/ works. views your multiple displays as one big surface. This means that the live wallpaper program you're using will span across that entire space when it starts.

This is why on the screenshot you sent the wallpaper goes below the taskbar on the right monitor.

There is no direct fix for this behavior, Xorg just wasn't designed this way.

Oh, well.... so there is no solution?

Unless you just so happen to know programming and have worked with before, not directly.

Are the monitors the same physical size, but different resolutions?

yes, I would even say that the one with the smaller resolution (the 1366x768) is much larger.
I tried to force a change in the resolutions, as you told me, but none of them supported another resolution.
Of course, apart from the common resolution of 1024x768, but even putting that one does not solve the problem.

You might need to add the desired resolution using the newmode command:

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Both monitors are already at the same resolution.
(sorry for the Spanish)

But there is still a problem with the wallpaper.

I am not sure on this. Partly because your monitors are different sizes from each other.

but have you seen a case like this before? Or do you know someone who uses two monitors and the wallpaper works for them?

I have not, but I am not the expert on Multisize monitors using a shared live wallpaper, either.
I use two monitors, but they are twins of each other.
I also would not use a shared wallpaper, especially a live wallpaper, on two different monitors, either. That is a lot for the graphics, display manager and X window to handle. It is best reserved for using on two or more of the Same Monitors.

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oh, ok, thanks for the help

Hi, it's me again, I just wanted to tell you that I found a solution to the problem, and I want to share it, it's an easier way to apply an animated wallpaper in Zorin, it's an application called Hidamari, you can download it from the software manager, and it doesn't give problem with double screen.
In case you find a case like mine again. :wink: