How can I set myself as the only user so don't have to get permissions

I am the only one anywhere near this box and would like to be able to do things without getting root permissions all the time.

For example, when I am in Nano edit and every time I want to save, I have to go through loops.

As I watch tutorials on Youtube I see they are able to do things without
permissions every time.

I understand the philosophy behind it and it is certainly excellent in offering security however I am the only one at the box so the easier for me the better.


Being the only one who has current access is only part of the equation.

There is more to risk than just malicious actor access. And this includes- user mistakes.

Here is a guide that can enable you to access Root Terminal by default:

Pointlessly, you can also alternatively set up a Root Terminal keyboard shortcut that you can tap instead of ctrl+alt+t to pull up a Root Term. You still would have to enter your password (once) in order to launch it.
And it is just as easy to launch terminal with ctrl+alt+t and run

sudo -i


sudo -h

and enter your password one time and get pretty much the same effect.

Lastly, I use a 4 digit PIN as my root password. It makes it a lot faster and easier to enter my password a lot. I really use no other tricks than that... it is effective enough.


Many videos on YouTube ignore best practices for the sake of simplicity.

Also, the fact that you need root privileges to edit certain files should be warning enough that those files are better left alone unless you know what you are doing.

If you decide to go this route anyway I recommend you setup some backup in place, or practice using virtual machines or maybe a VPS that you can dispose of without harm to your own system.

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