How can I transfer iphone videos to ipad?

How can I get the videos(mostly mp4 format) out of iphone and transfer them to ipad? they said copy the videos to computer and then transfer to ipad. But that didn’t work at all!!! I tried so many time but when iphone was pluged in there was no videos shown on the computer! Anyone help???

Dude, try apple forum.

Who left the door open? :roll_eyes:

The way I read the O.P., it sounds as though Arlo is using Zorin OS on his computer as the Middle Machine in trying to conduct the file transfer.

I do agree that the Apple Forum may be more helpful, though. This is because Apple is Proprietary, even if Apple and Linux are both Unix-Like Systems. If you search the same query as if you were using Ubuntu- you will get the same answers:

Ah, you are so good at sussing out the situation.
I started to wonder if we were mistaken as another Apple forum :wink:

From my few years of Hackintosh experience, the best way to share videos and photos among i-Devices is using i-Cloud sync. I know there is i-Cloud for Windows but not for Linux. Also Wine does not work for i-Cloud control panel as far as I know.