How can I update my Uplay launcher from within steam?

The game I'm trying to get running is Assassin's Creed Syndicate, and the launcher won't launch the game because apparently it is outdated.

I'm following this guide on Reddit, but I can't find where to install the latest Ubisoft Connect launcher (and how to install it properly).

According to Reddit, I am supposed to have the new Ubisoft connect launcher replace the old uPlay one, then replace this folder with the new one:

EDIT: The Steam version comes with uPlay, which is now Ubisoft Connect (sort of like how Origin became the EA app), I need to update it somehow.

EDIT 2: So I acquired the game from another source (To be fair I purchased it on steam) and it "works" with graphical glitches:

Is there any way to launch a .exe using a specific config for proton? I am using the Lutris WINE config currently.

Changed the in-game graphics settings and it works fine now. I have all the DLCs too :slight_smile:

Is Assassins Creed Syndicate installed via Steam? Do you have Proton Experimental enabled?

Yes, experimental is enabled and now it will not launch.

I could try reinstalling the game with experimental, but I think the problem is that it comes with uPlay which is a separate app from the new Ubisoft launcher

Should I try reinstalling it under proton experimental? Switching to it completely breaks it

That would make no difference. Proton is a method of running the game with a compatibility layer. The installation and files are the same regardless.

Yes but I messed with the game files trying to fix it and it wont launch so I'm reinstalling it anyways

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Let us know how you do with the reinstall ..... I love the Assassins Creed series .....

Terrible lol.. same problems, everyone on the protonDB page as of the last 3 months has the same issues for AC Syndicate

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I have almost all of that series copied over to a hard drive ..... which of course I can't play on Zorin ..... but I'm just to lazy to load them up on Win 7 using another computer .....

The table I'm using for this computer isn't large enough to support another unit ..... we dismantled and gave away my old desktop station so I have no where to set up the computer running Win 7 any more ... (sigh)

Is the lutris install script trustworthy?

Made an update

Solution for anyone who has similar issues:

Install the installer from Lutris, click on it in the Lutris menu. Then click on the arrow to the right of the WINE icon, click "Run .exe inside of WINE prefix"
(assuming you have an .exe for the game somewhere), and you're set.

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