How come my vlc does not auto play when i open a video

just wondering why my vlc is not auto playing when i open vlc

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If you want to make VLC as a default application for the video file, right click on the file in File manager. Select "property" , then select "opening app". (Wording might be different as I am translating it from Japanese).

You can then select VLC from the list of available applications and set it as a default for video files.

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i mean auto play it set as my default it open first but it video and audio is muted i have to open the file than unmute and click play

Since I do not use VLC as a default app, I cannot answer your questions regarding its behaviour. I hope other volunteers who know VLC will pitch in to help you.

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what do you use

You could try MPV, that seems like a solid player.
Just look in the Software Manager and look around. Plenty to choose from.

Zorin 16 Pro's default = Video (a.k.a. Totem)

I prefer and use Xplayer.

i just installed 2 play they work just but not totem and vlc and mpv auto plays not vlc how weird and kylin player work fine as well it seem to be the software

As two examples:
VLC is built with the QT (toolkit) and Xplayer is built with the GTK (toolkit).
So, they are quite different, under the hood.

whats xplayer by the way

thanks mpv is working just fine and kylin video player to but not totem and vlc

i might have to use mpv because it works the best

One of the X-apps.
It's a media player, like the rest.

im not on ubuntu

Zorin OS is built on Ubuntu.

oh ok thanks i gonna stick with mpv now on my zorin os because totem and vlc dont work on my zorin os 16 they work but they dont auto play when i open it

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thanks anyway

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crazygamer16. Here's a link to hold onto. Not just for media players, but a lot of different programs/packages...

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