How delete Zorin connect

(It doesn't work on my zorin os xfce
because it is not not compatible with this desktop environment)
eveything else works fine,
I love Zorin OS

how can I delete Zorin connect?

Install Synaptic and remove it from there...

Not sure what it is all connected with however. It doesn't work with Cinnamon either, I just ignore that it is there.

Zorin Connect is a Gnome Shell Extension and only works with Gnome.
However, KDE Connect (Upon which Zorin Connect is based) works with any Desktop Environment. So any Zorin OS Edition user can still get the same functionality by using KDE Connect.
I use it on Zorin Lite or Zorin with Cinnamon.

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did you install KDE Connect from SOFTWARE?

I am sure it can be installed from Software store.
I prefer the terminal as it is easier, more efficient and verbose

sudo apt install kdeconnect

As DeanG suggested, you can use Synaptic Package Manager.

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I think, in order to uninstall Zorin Connect
and thoroughly delete all of its configuration:
sudo apt-get remove zorin-connect --purge

You can also use synaptic which will also show the package for sending texts too.

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KDE SMS has always installed alongside with the kdeconnect install for me, so...
Maybe I just got the magic touch.

Можно в Stacer, в разделе пакеты. Не пробовал.

It's just listed srparately in synaptic. Can't remember if it gets picked up if you apply just to install kde connect.

That's why I recommended it that way, because it doesn't show in the software store.

I have KDE Connect installed but I use cinnamon. Zorin connect is still there, I just ignore it as it doesn't bother me. Plus if you login under Gnome it will work... so... I have no idea either what it's actually connected with.. KDE, Gnome or both.

From what I have read elsewhere, Zorin connect was a hybrid (allegedly) of GSConnect and KDEConnect.

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