How do I access existing Windows files from newly installed Zorin?

I have both Windows 11 and Zorin on my computer. On the Zorin screen there are no files listed in Documents. How do I access and work on my documents that are on the Windows side? I see a post on how to access Linux files from Windows, but not how access Windows files from Linux.

Have you yet set up Samba Share?

If the files are on a disk partition that's local to the computer running Zorin OS, just open the Disks application (gnome-disks) and ensure the drive with your Windows files is mounted.

You can also right-click the menubar, select "Zorin Appearance", go to the "Desktop" tab, then enable "Mounted Volumes" and "Icons on Desktop" to see the drive containing your Windows files right on your desktop.

If the drive holding your Windows files isn't auto-mounting at boot, let us know, we'll help you get that fixed so as soon as you boot, you see that drive on your desktop. Double-click that icon and there's all your Windows-specific files.

Since the drive/partition won't be mounted at boot, unless you specified that yourself in fstab, open nautilus(file browser), click other locations and double click the disk that represents windows. This may be represented as computer, windows, no name - just a size or even C. The size should tell you which is the right one. Double click it - this will mount the windows partition, and open it. You will have to go to /users/<your username here>/ documents to find your docs. You can transfer them over (copy/move paste). Or you can access them from both OSs by leaving them there (though formatting will be modified between libre office and office 365).

Never before heard of Samba Share. From what I've read, it is for use with two or more networked computers. I am only using one laptop.

I guess I should have mentioned that I'm using Zorin 16.2 Lite (with Xfce, not gnome), and am booting it from a flash drive (have not installed it). I can't find a "Disks application." Following the other instructions, "Mounted Volumes" and "Icons on Desktop" are showing as enabled, but there is no drive containing Windows files on the right on the desktop (there is nothing on the right of the desktop).

I'm using Zorin 16.2 Lite from a flash drive. I do not see nautilus or any other file browser.

I take this to mean you are booting Zorin OS on LiveUSB and then trying to access the files on Windows on Disk?

The file manager on Lite is Thunar and you can find it in the app menu.
launch Thunar
Then in the left pane look for Devices on the tree.
The Windows Drive should look like
___GB Volume
Click that.
You should be able to navigate through the folders on Windows from there.

When I get to "Devices," the only 3 options are "File System," "Gateway" (my laptop), "and Zorin OS 16.2 Lite."

Figured it out. I needed to click on "Gateway" (my computer), then click on the folder for "Documents & Settings," then the folder with the name I assigned my computer, then the desired folder ("Documents," "Downloads," "Photos," etc.).

So the full solution was: Click on the menu bar (Z). Click on "System." Under "Devices" click on the name for my computer (in my case it was "Gateway"). That brings up the folders and files on my laptop (such as documents, music, photos) which can then be accessed.

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