How do I access OneDrive in Zorin 16?

I'm trying out the Zorin 16 beta. At startup it offered to integrate with online accounts and I entered my Microsoft account details, but I don't see any way of accessing my files on OneDrive. Should the files appear in the file manager somewhere?

(I have integration for "Mail" and "Documents" switched on, and my e-mail is appearing in Evolution so I think I have the integration enabled correctly)

I don't think there is an official way to do this by microsoft. I use insync, which is a one-time paid way to do this.

As far as I know there is no official way to sync your files onto your os. So you can either use the Onedrive webapp which is pretty good (enough) and or you can use a third party integration software to sync your files. But I do not recommend it.
What I do recommend is MEGA. It is a very very good alternative to Onedrive. Mega is privacy respecting and all of your files are encrypted, native sync between all your devices, and you'll also get 50gb of space for free.

From what I've seen they have attempted to integrate online accounts with nautilus. So if it's available for file manager access, you will see the link in your network category. That is how I'm accessing Google drive instead of using another third party app. Try opening nautilus, or whichever file manager you have installed, and take a look in the navigation tree.

Thank you for your replies. I have since tried connecting to my Google account and the files on my Google drive do appear in the file manager. I can also see that there are a lot more options in the "Online Accounts" settings for Google, including "Files" - see the two screenshots attached:

So if "Files" is the option that allows me to see the files on the Google account in the file manager, what is "Documents" about?