How do I bring back the activities dash while keeping the Zorin taskbar?

I plan to have running applications show in the taskbar and have favorites show in the activities dash. Zorin lets me remove favorites from the taskbar, and I found an extension that removes running applications from the activities dash.

My problem is the activities dash is hidden by the Zorin taskbar. How can I bring back the dash while the taskbar is in use?

Hello and Welcome @yeahSureHello
There are many layouts in Zorin Appearance and you did not say which one you use...Moreover you did not mention if you are using Zorin Pro or Zorin Core or Zorin (pro) lite. Please update this information in your profile settings.

Now if I am understanding it correctly, you are using the fourth layout that comes with both lite, core and pro. And you mentioned extensions, so you are using GNOME. If you want the dash to be visible always you can use 'dash-to-dock' extension and if you mean the top panel by 'activities dash' and want to add favorites in the top panel, you can use the extension called Flippery panel favorites:
the result will be like this:

I am using the first option in Zorin Appearance with the taskbar settings modified, and I'm using Zorin Core.

I have these two pictures with annotations as an attempt to clear up my explanation.

Alright, understood.
What you are asking is similar to what Gnome 4 has...the dock is visible only in the activities overview. I don't know if that is possible or not in Gnome 3 neither do I know of any extension that can do that.

I found the solution! I have to use Dash to Panel instead of Zorin Taskbar. Dash to Panel has the toggle setting "Keep original gnome-shell dash (overview)" which is exactly what I needed.


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