How do i close the apps menu by clicking on the outside of it?

I use zorinOS 16.1 core. If i open apps menu (see picture), is there any special setting so I can close the apps menu by clicking on the outside of it?

By default I just can close apps menu by clicking apps menu button again. I want to more freely close this menu by clicking on the outside (red area).

Not that I am aware of - Escape will close that as well, or clicking the left dots on the taskbar that opens the menu.

If you have your super or 'Windows' key set to open the menu, that can close as well.

Yes, that is the Activities Overview, not the app menu.

Yes, I can just use the Esc key or press the apps menu button again. But I want a more flexible way by clicking anywhere in the red area.

I get what you mean, I wish I had an answer lol but - if I open Activities and there's no open applications, I can click the blank area of the screen to close it. Doesn't work if there are open apps to show, for some reason.. I just poked around in Gnome Tweaks to see if anything reflected that and didn't see anything.. I'm looking to see what I can find on it though. There may be some tweak in Ubuntu that works but, doubtful if it will be the same with Zorin.

18.04 - Close 'Show Applications' screen via click - Ask Ubuntu <-- That's the only thing I can find closest to what you're wanting to achieve. Isn't clicking blank space but, does work!


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