How do I Desktop Environment in Zorin OS?


<hides his lighter fluid behind his back.

Oh. Of course. Yes.
<shakes fist at Gnome.


I have one question what i can save some files from zorin before reinstall ?

I would save only my stuff, but not coping all /home , there are some hidden config files that could "ruin" a fresh install. Maybe also export the bookmarks and password from browser if you aren't using firefox sync or similar.

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Well propably i killed today my Zorin distribution with uninstall more package from Synaptic Manager. One person told me if i want learning linux need start from Slackware or LFS.

Zorin is a good place to learn, although like I said in another thread I think something went wrong, and your installation is borked, you've already re-installed all the base packages many of which had errors doing so. Just like with windows, macos, bsd, android etc sometimes you just need to reinstall.


Yes but package dependences are important if something remove then Zorin will crashed. That why are important to learning them.

You are well past the point of learning anything or trying to fix your system, it's just too messed up now. Even developers wouldn't sit there trying to figure out what was missing everywhere and what was changed at this point.

I was with a distro for years where I spoke directly to the developer and his response was the same to people such as yourself, reinstall. Reinstall your system, and learn from your mistakes of tinkering. That is what you should be learning. Don't make changes to the system if you don't know how to undo them. If you want to test things, do so in a virtual not on your actual system. And if you want to test things on metal, then you have a separate system that you use and when it is borked beyond repair, you start over.

There comes a point where someone wants help but their system is so borked that nobody can help them. Nobody knows all the changes that have been done, nobody knows what has been removed or installed, Nobody knows what they have done, even they don't know what they have done. There's no help at this point other than to reinstall and start fresh.


Well the diffrents on virtual machine we don't seeing exactly what will working or what happen example who gived some 200gb space on vm only for games but in vm you don't have original drivers and then delete if something was wrong.
I bet here if someone very understable Zorin distribution could wrote some tutorial how to shrink Zorin operating system to be minimal but of depends many distribution he can always choice. That is difficult. I only know the packages are connected somehow. one what suprise me steam and games working. Because most data is on cloud server and they are don't have connection with user on pc. This is the same like what we seeing on side our html5 but not another side server php.

^This is what I'm getting at.
If you wanted to learn to be an auto mechanic you don't start with the car that has a seized engine and blown transmission. You start with a working vehicle and do minor maintenance and repairs such as fluid changes.


Exactly, and it's being ignored and dismissed... Even when the other mechanics are standing there telling you that's not how to do it.

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Well in car sometimes you cannot seeing some problems before used some tools to recover a parts and check what is there is wrong.
Then when we seeing what a part is broken we can changed for new and all back on place.

In the old days: Two Essential tools for diagnostics were
Vacuum gauge
Timing light

A voltmeter is good, too.
These days, cars are more complex even though the mechanical has changed little in 80 years or so. It is that cars are more computerized now than ever. Multiport fuel injection and transmission solenoids have changed things a bit...

As a Mechanic, I can tell you; The goal is to diagnose, not throw parts at the problem hoping to get lucky.
Guessing is not a good way to diagnose.

This is why I am better at cars than I am at computers or Linux.
You can easily imagine that you'll have the same luck on Linux throwing commands at a problem, or files...

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That is true but with diagnose where is it then we propably also finding problem without a throw parts. Example most is important knowledge. Example i tried Slackware on virtualbox and after some guide where some user under wrote.
Dont use :
sudo slackpkg install-new
sudo slackpkg upgrade-all
sudo slackpkg clean-system
that is only for current version and if you want to step at the next version ….
New users should use Slackware64 stable version. Now its Slackware64 15.0 and only 2 commands needed
slackpkg update
slackpkg upgrade-all

as root …
and here about my conclusion about when i screw up Zorin.
There is no learning experience here. Crashes time to time happen. But usually for different reasons. If you fix this now - it will not give you benefit in next crash. Learning experience is only in repetitive tasks. So save yourself time gaining worthless knowledge and reinstall system.

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