How do I download blueetooth drivers?

Basically the title. Trying to use a wireless mouse and headphones. Two separate dongles.

The drivers are in the kernel. If the wireless mouse and headphones are new on the market, you might try kernel 6.6.x.

I've been trying to install the latest 6.7.9 kernel from the mainline kernels. But I've first discovered about the "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cappelikan/ppa". My kernel is stuck on 6.5.0 now for some reason and I cannot remove it from the mainline kernels tab either.

Is Secure boot enabled in your BIOS / EFI Settings?

There is no secure boot in my bios settings. Anyways I think Ill reinstall for now because its stuck on loading screen and the keyboard doesnt work. So much for me relying on youtube tutorials i guess.

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Having the latest kernel isn't necessary for older computers. You are not missing out on security updates. There may be a few improvements or bug fixes, but for the most part the newest kernels entire purpose is to support newer hardware.

Depending on the age of the computer, it is safe and preferred to use lts kernels instead of attempting to get the latest and greatest. This will ensure full functionality, using the lts kernel, with a reliable and stable platform with little issues.

Newer kernels are usually in testing, with many issues, and dropped support of older hardware.

You would be better off with the lts kernel provided by Zorin, or one version newer.