How do i drag/drop a URL to a minimized file explorer window/folder & automatically create a URL shortcut or txt file, like Windows 7?

You can use the "Lock" icon next the address bar.

@Ocka , thanks, so the issue is I just figured out, its not that i cant drag & drop a URL into the file manager, its that I cant drag the URL to my taskbar, or anywhere that is minimized, which made me think the ability was totally absent, but i actually can drag/drop if i have both windows open, neither minimized, how do i drag/drop a URL to a minimized file explorer window/folder?

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I believe the OP is to create a shortcut/txt file to file manager,
This is achieved via the first reply to the OP, Drop & Drag the padlock to desktop then move to folder when ready.

Know another question.
How do i edit a closed/minimized file.

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