How do I find out what Gnome I have?

How do I find out what Gnome I have? How easy is it to interchange?

It is not so easy to change out the Gnome Desktop. Your best bet if you want a newer Gnome, is to await the upcoming release of Zorin 16.

Gnome uses a lot of integrated components.

To find your Gnome version, you can move to Activities Overview > About.
If you prefer terminal:

gnome-shell --version


Hey, I didn’t know you could find out which version of Gnome you have using the terminal. Thanks buddy! I just did it, and the result came out as GNOME Shell 3.18.5. But thats cause I am using Zorin OS 12.4 for just a tiny bit longer. :wink:

With this info how do we tell if he has Core or Lite?

That information does not show whether the user Has Zorin Lite or Zorin Core. The OP asked how to tell what version of Gnome.

As to how to tell if Core or Lite... In other threads, we have actually struggled with this question. As far as running a command... or looking at a "Details" page...

But realistically, you can easily tell by looking. Core uses Gnome which uses CSD - that is, there is no separate titlebar, menubar and headerbar - they are combined into one.
Lite uses XFCE, which uses a Window Manager that draws the window borders, having a Titlebar that has the Close, Min, Max buttons and title separate menubar with File Edit View... and from the Toolbar which has all other buttons on it.

Would you say Lite is more akin to Windows OS than Core?

Oh, I do not know... It depends on which Windows- Except for a brief stint using Windows 7, I had stopped at XP pro.
If you take a screenshot of your opened File Manager, I could tell you which it is that I am seeing.
Also, just as with the terminal, you can hit "help > About" to see if you are running Thunar (Lite - XFCE) or Nautilus (Core - Gnome).