How do I format my usb flash drive in Zorin?

Just trying out linux for the first time. Got Zorin on my thumb drive but want to change it now for linux mint. How do I delete previous files from it? Right click doesn't show option to Format/erase/send to wastebasket etc.

When making an usb image of eg. Mint you simple overwrite the existing image of Zorin. Just let the USB image writer/maker do it.

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When I go to DL linuxmint it says Save File but doesn't allow me to choose Save to Flash drive.

You need an app to "burn" the image to the USB stick.
Search Software store for "USB Image"

Save the file to a convenient place on your hard drive.
If you are using Windows, you can use Rufus to then burn the image to your USB stick. You usually do not need to delete anything - the process of burning the new bootable image will work that out for you.
On Linux or Windows, you can also use Unetbootin (My own preferred burner app).
On Linux, this can be installed with:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gezakovacs/ppa

sudo apt update

sudo apt install unetbootin

The USB Stick Formatter would be a great add. LM has it, can't it be added via software manager or Synaptic Package Manager..?

Alot easier than using GParted.

Can open and install with Software, Gdebi... Or save the file in downloads and open terminal in ~/Downloads and use sudo dpkg -i mintstick_1.4.6_all.deb

And this is why we are grateful to have Aravisian.
Wealth of Linux knowledge. Great example of 'Self-Taught'.

I think this can also be done straight from the disks app in utilities from zorin 16.
One off the options in disk is to restore a disk image.

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These two tools save lives lol.
Learn to use them. they are the best for this.

Balena Etcher: balenaEtcher - Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives
Ventoy: Ventoy

We all have our favorite USB tools, but Balena Etcher comes in for a lot of crititism on the forum, after several members reporting it damaging their USB sticks. I will stick with Unetbootin.


I second that.


I third that.
Lost 2 USB keys with Etcher :sob:


I forth it.


I can't find my calculator to figure out what's next, so I'll just go with, Sounds Good.

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OK, what is the total death toll for USB so far?

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I have never used Ventoy. Has anyone else?

I only read briefly the review the other day.
It looks like an equivalent of multi-boot system but for Linux live sessions.

Owo. This is serious! It never happened to me, but I'll be careful. Thanks for sharing this information


I was just going to ask about Ventoy as well. The reviews on the internet all sound very good. Doesn't sound like anyone here on the forum has experience with it though.

In any event, I have my Zorin Pro .iso downloaded. Tomorrow is the install day. Tonight though, it's margaritas. :smile: