How do I kill/terminate this app in Zorin 16.1?

As you see, thats File App, I think the real name is gnome-file... or something related to gnome? may be) I dont know the app name. how do i kill it? it's freezed. I saw a lot of name like 'gnome-....' apps in system monitor app's list. I'm using 16.1 pro version.

The File Manager is named Nautilus so you can kill that.
Alternatively, try tapping the alt+F2 keyboard combo that opens up a Launch Prompt and type into it simply:
Then hit the enter key. This will refresh the gnome-shell and the nautilus-desktop in one go.
Should get you unstuck.

Further... I use xkill for pretty much all immediate app-murdering.
I set it under Keyboard Shortcuts with the command xkill as shortcut ctrl+alt+k
It should be installed with the xorg stuff that comes with Zorin OS.

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alt+F2 + 'r' is not working but, I killed nautilus in system monitor, working bro!! thanks you bro Aravisian

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