How do I make a new instance of a program open in a different workspace?

Hey all, I am really loving the Workspaces feature of Linux, however I can't figure out how to make a new instance of a program open up when I'm on a different workspace.

For example, I open Firefox in Workspace 1. When I go to Workspace 2, it has the activity indicator under Firefox (meaning it's running). If I click on Firefox in Workspace 2 to open up a new instance, it jumps back to the instance that's already opened on Workspace 1.

How do I make it so each Workspace is completely independent from each other in terms of running programs? I understand that some programs Simply can't do this, but I would love for this to work with the programs that can!

  • OS Core 16
  • I use Dash To Dock if that detail is needed.
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There are different ways that I know of, each with pros and cons:

  1. Right click on the taskbar icon and select "New Window" or similar. That will launch a new application at that workspace, but the default behavior of the left click will take you to an open instance.

  2. Right click on the taskbar -> taskbar settings -> behavior tab -> Isolate Workspaces.

  3. In the same window, enable the "Ungroup applications", and then by clicking on that cog icon you can toggle "Use the favorite icons as applications launchers".

I suggest you play around with these different settings and see which one suits your workflow best. Personally I find option one much easier, and then use keyboard shortcuts to move around and send applications to workspaces. You can change the keyboard shortcuts in "Settings -> Keyboard Shortcuts".

By default Ctrl+Alt+Arrow key will change the current workspace, and Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Arrow key will do the same but dragging along the currently focused window.

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Isolating the Workspaces seems to have fixed the issue for most programs, however, Firefox still opens itself in another Workspace rather than the one I am currently on.

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