How do I make apps semi-transparent with Blur my Shell

I've seen people on Reddit do make Blur my Shell make apps semi-transparent. How do I do that?

I already have blur my shell, I just don't know how to use it to make apps semi-transparent. I don't know if I need to download an add-on from github, or something like that.

In BLur My Shell extension -> Settings --> Application tab
Note: You icons will also get semi transparent, so for me it's a no-no.


My options menu looks like this
blur my shell

It may be that it aren't supported in Gnome 3+

That would explain it. One of the time I saw blur my shell being used on apps was on a r/Unixporn post where the user was using Vanilla OS, which probably uses the newest gnome version.

Here's the post I'm talking about

Do you have gnome tweaks installed? Storm was using gnome tweaks to access the cog and modify the settings for that extension. You can also modify them in the browser with the tweaks extension, but gnome tweaks is easier.

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