How do I remove administrator passwords?

How do I remove passwords?! I don't know how to do anything related to Linux, I'm already starting to regret putting this on my computer. I'm the only one who uses my computer and I hate being forced to enter passwords every time I want to log in, if anyone can help me I'd appreciate it

Honestly, when I use Windows, it prompts for Admin privileges just as much...

Have you enabled Auto-Login?

On Zorin OS Core, open Settings and under the Users tab, Unlock to make changes, then set automatic Login to enabled.

I have auto-login disabled, but I also use a 4-digit PIN instead of a lengthy password.


If you also don't want to have to enter your password when using Terminal...

In Terminal, enter:

sudo visudo
sudo gedit /etc/sudoers
sudoedit /etc/sudoers

Enter the following at the very bottom of the file, then save (this assumes your user name is 'owner'... substitute your own user name):

# Allow {username} to execute any command

Note that this drastically lowers security, so only do this if you're familiar with Linux, you're careful online, and you don't randomly run every strange command you find online.

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