How Do I Remove/Change Password Requirement For App Store?

Hey folks! I bought Zorin Pro 16 to hopefully give my parents a safer and easier desktop experience. I set up different user logins for my dad and my mom so that they can have different themes and, hopefully, not get in each other's way. My current issue is that on my mom's side, when I try to download anything from the app store it asks me for my dad's password. Is there any way I can remove this requirement, or change it so that it asks for my mom's password on her user profile, and my dad's on his user profile?


If they are both set up as administrator it should not be an issue. However, from a security standpoint I would setup a separate administrator account, make both your parents standard users and then either of them would just enter the administrator account password. (A bit like that other OS!)

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Cheers! I had thought about doing that, but wanted to check first before going ahead with it. Trying to minimize the amount of passwords they need to remember. Since they have troubles with remembering them anyway. However, if I made the password simple enough (yet strong) it could be fine.

I would have just given them both the same password. :grin:

"And that is when the fight started" ..... the famous last sentence of many a joke ..... :roll_eyes: :grinning:


Haha, that's fair enough! It would make things easier, but I would worry my dad would argue, "Then what's the point of different usernames?" Ignoring that I have my dad's side set up like windows (like he likes), and mom's side set up like MacOS (like she likes).

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Haha, pretty much!

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