How do I remove the lenovo logo during booting from my laptop(it doesn't have quite boot in BIOS) in the OS

I have Lenovo IdeaPad 330 15IKB(type 81DC) and I don't want the annoying and ugly lenovo text alongside the zorin animation. I just want to remove the lenovo logo and keep the zorin animation.Any ideas guys?

that's part of the hardware/firmware. you can't remove it

Can I edit the BIOS

you can edit the bios but can't change what lenovo made part of the device.

I agree, that logo comes from your manufacturer, which is encoded into the BIOS chip and can't be removed.

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I thought the same, til @FrenchPress taught me how to do it. My splash logo is gone, now. And... I don't remember how to do it. I'll try to remember.

Well, Aravisian, its gonna involve flashing the BIOS, which is tricky business, which is why we don't go recommending it to other's.

No, it was something very easy. No flashing BIOS was involved.
Turned off a setting in BIOS, as I recall.
She also taught me how to remove the Monitor Splash at that same time. I'll sniff around and see if I find it.

This seems to be a tutorial for Windows, It may be the only way to do it, but maybe not. Anyways, found this, hope it helps anyone who is interested, and Has Lenovo laptops.

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Yeah u can do it but it can only possible in ThinkPad laptops (as well as in win 10)

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