How do i remove zorin os and install windows?

I am a Windows gamer and don't feel comfortable using zorin i have tried a lot to install windows back but there is a issue that when i try to create a disk partition it dosent let me. And also zorin is on my primary disk pls help

Simple google search:

There are many more video's and tutorials available... just search "How to add windows back on Linux Ubuntu".


Thx alot but are you 100% sure this will work. i am askin that beacuse i am new to pc and stuff so i cant really risk it

For your best security unplug any hard disk and put only one where you want back install a Windows back.

i am on laptop right now

I am not sure but laptop have fabric back recovery in bios function.

No because I can not foresee the future. I have no idea what it is you're actually doing, what changes or anything else you've done to your system.

If it doesn't work, then you try something else. You can always just reinstall Zorin again.

also zorin is installed on my primary disk for some reason and when i try to create a partition it says disk currently working

Yes that is normal. Because you using a system operating what you want delete.
Do you have both operating systems?
Zorin and WIndows or only one operating system?

Only zorin and i think if i am able to dual boot windows along side i will be able to delete zorin from windows right?

Create a live pendrive linux start with them then in terminal use a command
sudo apt install gparted
Then go to gparted correct hard disk and delete Zorin from hard disk.
Then you can go to your bios or instruction how to recovery your operating system partition. Propably is instruction your laptop on webbrowser and manual how do that.

1 question i am also not able to see my flash drive in the boot manager and it is on fat32

Boot your system using the live version of Zorin then re-partition the drive.

Reading the link I gave you, they explain this to you in the instructions.

btw what is "live version of Zorin" is it that i have to re install zorin?

Yes that is good guide tutorial.

It's the iso of Zorin that you used initially to install Zorin, you can do a live version of Zorin and almost any distro.

Thx guys for all the support you gave me ill try out all the stuff that you all told me and ill reply later to you all thx for the help

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