How do i restore backup from Zorin Os Edu. (64 bit) to Zorin Os Edu. Lite (64 bit)?

Hello, 4/5 months ago I installed Zorin Os Edu. 64 bit, however, after using it for a few months, I decided to replace it with Zorin Os Edu. Lite (always 64-bit). Before, however, I had backed up the data to an SSD using the default functionality on Zorin. After installing the Lite version of Zorin Os Education I wanted to restore the backup, but I don't know how to do it. Could any of you give me a solution to restore it? Thank you

As you switched from Core to Lite, many of the saved Gnome Configurations from Core would not apply to the XFCE4 configurations in Lite.

I would first ask what purpose you seek to serve by performing a restoration.

The standard Deja Dup Back Up makes a copy of your Desktop Environment Settings and the Home Folder, including what is in Downloads, Documents, Pictures and so on. It does not, by default, make a back up of Root, or the Installed Software there. You would need to have set it up to back those up, manually.
Since you are using a Different Installation with a Different Desktop Environment, a restoration may not go so well.

But if you are hoping to recover some personal files or folders, you may try plugging in the USB stick or external drive that the back up is on. Open Back Ups from the app menu, click the Restore button and navigate to your external drive.

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