How do I restore the main menu?

I wanted to restore an item that I deleted in the main menu, but clicking Restore System Configuration does not work.

You can edit the Menu manually. There should be an item called 'Main Menu' which is just another name for 'Alacarte'.

@swarfendor437 I don't understand. What should I do?

If you are wishing to restore a start menu title, like games, development etc. You need to install an app for that catagory. It vanishes if all the apps from that catagory are deleted :broken_heart:


Could you specify what was the app that you deleted earlier, please?? I maybe can help you by giving the command if I have that app installed on my system too.

I found the solution. Just delete all the files in .local/share/applications. But why can't such a simple thing be done in the GUI?

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