How do i see the audio or video length/duration of a file quickly in Nemo file manager?

In Windows all you had to do was click the file one time(not even a double click) & once selected the stats of the file automatically showed, its size, duration,etc. Neither Nautilus nor Nemo does this, disappointingly(that i know of anyway). But, with nautilus, you can obtain the duration info, but its a ton of trouble & time, u got to right click the file, then click properties, then click the Audio/Video tab, then it shows the duration. With Nemo this option doesnt exist whatsoever, that i can find, unless theres some type of tweak that can be done.

After doing some research, others,understandably, had the same complaint, (Github complaint)

Here is one tweak to Nemo that makes it like Nautilus, (LINK)

And so i tried it, which was simply:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:caldas-lopes/ppa
sudo apt update

But that didnt work & did absolutely nothing even after i reset Nemo & reset my computer/OS also.

If anyone could please help, it would be greatly appreciated. I really like Nemo file manager a lot, & use it primarily, compared to Nautilus. Although they are similar & both have their pros & cons.

Have you installed nemo-media-columns?

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Thanks! how do i install it?

It comes as a prepackaged .deb self-installer.

However... I have noticed that there is a bug in the "depends" file of the Debian portion.

Can you allow some time for me to look into this further?

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Sure! thank you! I appreciate it.

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The discrepancy appears to come from the installer looking for nemo-python and python-nemo respectively. The backported package has the name reversed.

Installing the nemo-python or python-nemo will suggest that each will break the other.

So, you MAY have nemo-python 4.40 installed. If so, you must remove it. You can use the Self-Installing .deb package to Remove instead of install. Here is the link to that package, if you need it in order to use it to uninstall/remove it:

Install only the python-nemo_5.0.0+uma_amd64.deb package:

Once that is installed,
Here is the Nemo Media Columns installer:

Once installed, launch Nemo File Manager and click File > Preferences
Go to Plugins > Extensions and ensure that Nemo Media Columns is checked to On.

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So i first did nemo-python --version & also same with
python-nemo, & both said command not found.

So then i tried to install: "python-nemo_5.0.0+uma_amd64.deb"
but i got this error:

The best option is to install Gdebi. Gdebi looks like it comes with a Lot of Dependencies.
However, it is excellent for managing .deb packages. If you choose to install it:

sudo apt install gdebi

Right click the python-nemo .deb package and select to open with Gdebi.

The Gdebi application should evaluate the file, then report back which dependencies are missing.

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Done, okay, so what do i do now?

My jaw dropped. I did not get that dependency failure (I tested this on my own machine before making this post) and it took me a moment to figure out why...

I am using Nemo 5, on purpose, on Zorin OS 16.

What comes in the repositories is 4.something-whatever and whenever I want a higher package I kinda just do whatever I want...

So. The same thing would probably work for you.
But before I go typing out how to upgrade to Nemo 5 - Is that the course you wish to take?

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Thanks @Aravisian, will try that out, also, just so you know I appreciate all your help & i take notes on everything, so your time is definitely never wasted with me. I am very linux/opensource enthusiastic also.

Ok, add the repo:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:linuxmint-daily-build-team/daily-builds


sudo apt update && sudo apt install -y nemo

Now you MUST Remove the repository (it can mess up other packages if you don't, by trying to upgrade things it shouldn't the next time you run an upgrade:

sudo add-apt-repository --remvoe ppa:linuxmint-daily-build-team/daily-builds

Update your sources:

sudo apt update

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Thanks, oh sorry, i missed your last sentence in ur 2nd to last comment. Whats the difference between Nemo 4 & 5? pros & cons?

I know of no cons. They are nearly identical. But Nemo 5 brought a new feature that is lacking in Nemo 4.
In Nemo 5, you can hit the Search Icon, and you can search the file system by file name - or by content within the file.
For me, for coding, finding specific files and troubleshooting here on the forum; it is phenomenally useful.

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Thank you very much. It works now! awesome, not as good as windows, but at least i have some way to see what the audio/video length of my files are. :slight_smile: With windows, u can click on a file & the length automatically shows, which is seriously lacking in nemo. But the column thing is a real lifesaver. :slight_smile:

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