How do I sponsor Zorin OS group on my website domain?

@Aravisian I run a software support business and was wondering if i can put the Zorin OS logo on my website to help Zoriin Group gain exposure and let my customers know I use Zorin OS Pro 16 to facilitate my customer software solutions online on my website. What are the procedures and protocols from Zorin Group for that? Should I pay some royalties fees? I am new at this any feedback appreciated.

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@Aravisian should be able to help you.

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@AZorin @zorink


You might read here on the Zorin OS website:

Other than that, Storm has the right idea.

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What in a snapshot I can and can't do with these photos? Like obviously I can't sell them so I am open on thoughts here. Give me the do and dont's with Zorn Group media exposure rules online please? I just want to make sure I dont cross some roylaity rule or license Zorin Group rule that I am unaware of when endorsing Zorin Group on my website in advanced.

I have no plans on making a profit with Zorin Group so give me the down and dirty spqeul please. If anything I want this web presence to bring them new customers instead for thier os.

For reference here is my website with Zorin Group logo as a sponsor in it. Please visit I want everyone's feedback, what I can improve on, what am I doing right, and my target audience seniors, is this site readable for them. As long as it's constructive criticism bring it!

From the link above (Please note the part I put in bold italics):

The "Z" logomark and the "ZORIN" wordmark are registered trademarks of Zorin Technology Group Ltd.
The "ZORIN" and "ZORIN OS" logotypes are Copyright © 2019 - 2021 Zorin Technology Group Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
Zorin Technology Group Ltd. permits the use of Zorin OS branding and the above brand assets for non-commercial use only. Usage of these term(s) and/or associated image(s)/logo(s) does not and should not suggest affiliation, endorsement, or sponsorship by Zorin Technology Group Ltd. or any of its subsidiaries. The distribution of unauthorised copies of paid-for software created by Zorin Technology Group Ltd. or its subsidiaries revokes your license to use these trademarks, brand assets, graphics, or videos.
Zorin Technology Group Ltd., at its sole discretion, reserves the right to cancel, modify, change, add or remove its policies at any time without notice.

Only the ZorinGroup can comment in greater detail.
Those of us on the Forum are not employed by or members of the ZorinGroup. We are Zorin OS users, like yourself, that being appreciative that Zorin OS has supplied our Operating Systems, seek to give back.

My reading of the above paragraph suggests that if you are not profiting from the Zorin OS name or branding and not using it to endorse your own product, that it is fine for use.
But I am sure that Artyom or Kyrill Zorin would be happy to provide you with clarity on any details- and you may just use the contact form in the link above to seek their counsel on the use of Zorin OS images.

As a Zorin OS user, I think it is great you would like to promote Zorin OS. But with legal-eez, I know I need help sorting it all out (In mechanical areas) and great care must be taken as it can be both sticky and not to ever be taken personally.


@AZorin If I make money off promoting your product through my website and google adsense how much should I pay in royalties to compensate Zorin Group for hosting their logo? I haven't created a Google Adsense account yet so this is a future question. Please see for that endorsement i have included in the sponsorship of your logo for reference in question. Look forward to your reply:-)

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I still think you should use the Contact Form in the link :wink:
It may be a while before they spot this thread.

What link is that I don't see a hyper link in the message thread I could click on?

Please scroll all the way to the bottom and look for:
Have a Question?
Contact us

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k filled out forum.

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Thanks for spreading the word of Zorin OS! We would be happy if you link to our website from yours. There's no need to pay any royalties or share any AdSense revenue with us.

As Aravisian mentioned, the one condition would be to not imply official affiliation with us. Instead of listing us as a "Sponsor" on your site, perhaps you could change the headline to "Products we like" or something else that doesn't suggest any business partnership.


Oh my gosh, this is so cool! I would love it if Zorin OS gets more attention from your website. And its great that you got the official permission from Azorin himself. :slightly_smiling_face:

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k update site heres a screenshot let me know what you think anything i should improve on?


I like it! My only recommendation, is to have a link that links back to Zorin OS's home page. This way, if somebody visiting your site is interested in Zorin OS, since you say on your site you approve of it, they can check it out.

Awesome dude, just needs that link, and it will be 20% cooler, which brings your overall total of coolness factor to 120%. Yeah, your good. :grin:

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