How do I use 2 drives?

Hi! I'm trying to set up Linux on my PC for the first time. I'm using a 500GB drive for installation and important files, and a 1TB drive for storing all my other stuff. But I'm having some trouble with the 1TB drive not showing up. I tried following a tutorial with GParted, but I'm not sure if it worked. Any ideas?

Here is the tutorial:

Gday @ioant1 , Welcome to the community!
Is the 1TB drive new/empty?

What you need to do is do some Manual partitioning from the installer - choose the 'something else' option. You would need to put EFI and '/' partitions on the 500 Gb, then make the 1 Tb '/home' to store all your data.

You could also use Partition & Install guide or modify your /etc/fstab manually to add the 1tb drive as your home (will have to reboot).

If you choose the second option, backup your home dir and copy the files into the new one afterwards.

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