How do I use GParted without bricking my system?

I didnt notice it till now that my partitions from previous installations got wiped out after my latest install with option 2 (wipe out disk). How do I do this procedure safely? I wanna add; a root, /home, efi, grub, bigger swap, and some free space

Will I risk losing data even if I do not format home and root partition if I do a reinstall?

Just got done with the installation, I didnt format the /home partition. When I open my pc it doesnt shoiw my files but the file system says this:

How do I recover the files there?

Is there a special Reason that you want manually set up Partitions?

Nah no biggie, lifeis more important than some random dude in the internet whocant even follow simple instructions. And those arent really important files as theyre mostly just games I can reinstall. I was also just trying to learn how to format without risking to lose data.
My pc was a fresh install and I do not have a lot of data to lose yet so I dont really mind experimenting on stuff, and in this case reinstalling over and over again. I mean unless its bad for the hdd or something, any thoughts about that?
Whats more important to me rn is experience with Linux. Thats also why I was trying to setup vms so that I can try the installation process of other distros. Gotta say tho zorin has a pretty neat and simple installation process, also nice ui.
In case I try to recommend zorin to a friend or something and I install it for them, is there a way to backup files without an external drive? Can I do that if pc came from windows? How do I backup from zorin?
Thanks for the replies btw I really appreciate them :blush::blush::blush:

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I was trying to icnrease swap for setting up hibernate. I was using suspend when I go to bed at night but I quickly found out that its not really good for my hardware. When I woke up the next morning all my pc fans are very loud. Tho I also dont know how to enable hibernate so thats kind of disappointing.

Did you tried it with this 2 Settings:

It is in the Energy Settings.

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I am new here.



nice to see that more and more people are switching away from windows for linux

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