How do I use my laptop as a monitor of another laptop?

I currently have a spare laptop, and I want to use it as an external monitor, however I have not been successful. Any program that you recommend for this, please?

At one time, I tried this as well. I never did figure out a way of doing it - I would be curious about the results of this thread.

Yes, luckily I have a free drive on my laptop where I can install windows, so at least I can use the other laptop, although I would like to be able to use it on linux. They recommended a program called DESKREEN. For now that's all I've been able to get

have you tested Deskreen on Zorin OS, yet?

not really

I'm wondering what happens if I plug 2 laptops with VGA cable :thinking:. Maybe they try each other to show their screens on the other :computer:-:computer::face_with_monocle:.

Deskreen works

But you need a dummy display (Virtual Display Adapter as they call it) to plug into a slot to trick the OS into thinking there is a 2nd display.

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