How do I use VPNBOOK on Zorin?

I use Zorin Core 16.
First time ever using linux and have no idea.
Terminal is confusing as MS-DOS.
I'm getting a little used to Zorin but at first it was so confusing.

Zorin forum ai keep continues to hide my post because I posted a url link
to the page of how to install VPNBOOK.

I was trying to put a link url to VPNBOOK website where there is a link
for how to install setup vpnbook on ubuntu. (Which is linux and Zorin I guess.)

In windows installing this was easy but linux seems like it has to go through
more complicated methods that is trying to imitate the simple process of windows so it's kind of going far away instead of directly.

And yes the url link mentions terminal method.
I tried and it didn't work.
I'm not even sure if I should add " " " " or EXCLUDE " " " " when typing in terminal commands.

It has to be specific (directions) because I have absolutely no idea.

as root means as administrator ? I guess I did saw this while installing on windows as well. not so sure.

If I install as root it doesn't mean security problem right ? just like you'd install
many things with administrator's rights on windows if you set it that way.

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One of those?

Yes the 1st link is the official website's direction.
and 2nd being a forum question.

The direction needs to be more clear I guess.

Where am I supposed to unzip the vpn files ?
unlike windows it's really confusing and kind of unclear where is where.

There's no c drive or my pc. There's no program files folder.
Not sure if I should unzip here or there.

I opened "Home" and put the "" folder
Where "Desktop" "Documents" "Downloads" "Music" "Pictures" "Public" etc
folders are in.

I wasn't sure so I also tried opening terminal while being "inside" this
"" folder instead of in the desktop empty space.

2nd link says

Just download any of openvpn zips from vpnbook web page. Unpack it. Run in terminal the following: sudo openvpn vpn_file.ovpn and enter the password on ask. That's it.

I did this and it does not work. The password to enter was actually the password for my pc account as it says password for "xxxxx" which was my login account name.

Unlike the 1st link which is official that says I need to to put vpnbook name and password at the last directions.

Maybe I have to unzip the vpnbook bundle without the folder in "Home" ?

I'm thinking open terminal as root step is also where I'm being wrong.
So confusing.

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If a Windows software, better place it on unit C:, otherwise you can place it on a folder that you want, in this case as VPNBOOK looks available to use on Ubuntu you can place it on a folder that you want. Do you have Wine or another emulator for Windows executables?

After installing Wine I can access C: on Zorin Menu > Wine > Explore Unit C:.

I'm not sure about this but usually when I have to unzip stuff I always simply unzip the content maintaining the folder tree, so without unzipping till "spawning" lots of folders or files on the actual directory (if this is what you meant when you said without the folder). It's also a matter of order and for me is a kind of priority. For instance, if you download a zipped game and inside its main folder there are subfolders (textures, maps, AI, config and similar) containing game files it's obvious that you wouldn't like to unzip without creating even the main game folder that contains the subfolders, otherwise in the cases that the game is quite big and complex you'll fill the directory chosen to unzip with countless files/folders :grin:.

If you want to use this specific service I personally don't know how it works exactly, I used a VPN once (a Firefox extension) because I wanted to see how it was but got problems (slow internet speed, some webpages not loading or something) so I forgot it. By the way, Zorin has a built-in VPN, if you don't mind about the VPN provider or a certain preference. And allows to import from a file.

So, if you want to use VPNBOOK because you prefer it I'm not so sure if I can help or explain completely and accurately to fix a certain issue but, as I said, if you don't mind about the VPN provider or a certain preference there are 3 alternatives (I think):
:point_right: Zorin built-in VPN
:point_right: a VPN from Software Center
:point_right: a browser VPN extension

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