How Do You Install a New Icon Theme?

I recently moved to ZorinOS, but I can't seem to figure out how to install a new theme. I tried downloading the .tar files from and extracting them in the .icons or .themes folder, but they simply don't show up in the tweaks menu. I've been working on this all day, and I can't seem to find the solution.

The extracted folder in ~/.icons will be that folder name (the icon set name) which if opened, will contain a series of folders along with an index.theme file.

If you do not see the index.theme file (e.g. the index.theme file is in another child folder within), then it may be that the .tar.gx package contained multiple variants (different colors) of the icon set. Just move all the icon set variants into ~/.icons if that is the case.
If that is not the case, then please provide a direct link to the icon set you downloaded so others can take a look at it and see what may be inhibiting you.

i go to the file i want , then click on the OCS install (got to install OCS 1st) .
sometimes it doesn't show up , i put it down to maybe not compatible with my setup, but there's probably a way to fix like Aravisian explained.
I never had the time or inclination to pursue it further if it doesn't show lol i just choose another 1 that works.

I seem to remember that things like custom pointers need to go to ~/.icons but the rest of the themes need to go to ~/.local/share/themes instead of ~/.themes.

Download Your Icon Set and extract it on the Desktop. In my Case it is the Mystique Icon Set:
Bildschirmfoto vom 2024-07-02 12-14-58

After that you open Nautilus and there You click on the Menu and activate ''Show hidden Files'':

After that go in the .local Folder and there in the share Folder:

In the share Folder create - if not exists - a Folder called ''icons'':

And in this icons Folder, you move Your Icon Set:

After that open Gnome Tweaks and choose Your Icon Set. Don't open the Tweaks Tool before or let it open. It will not register the new Icon Set.

Alternatively you can use Zorin Appearance, too:


This is why I like Plasma! :wink:

Thanks for all the tips! I'll try these out and see what works.