How do you Mirror my Display on Zorin 16 Core

I cant find where you can mirror your display. Currently the Zorin splash screen is on the second display but I cant find where the option is to duplicate/mirror my main display.

I sure this is easy for most people.


What version of Zorin are you using? Core or Lite? I was mucking around with 16 Core and removed some Pulse Audio items which then took out randr for mirroring displays so now I only see Zorin on one screen! Be careful what you uninstall!
There should be a setting in displays for you to select which display is your prime display - check that Number 2 hasn't been picked up as number 1 (i.e., Primary)

I feel like an idiot. I starting watching a video on how to customise Zorin 16 and saw that just like Windows you right click on background and get a menu and from there the display option which I could not find via any other route and then clicked on mirror and volia it is working.

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