How does one change Wayland to X and do I need to?

I cant see any easy way to change. I am on 17 core and have no idea what desktop I am running. How to tell and change.

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From the Login screen, you should see a Gear Icon beneath the entry field to enter your authentication. Click that icon, then select Zorin Desktop on X

Are you having an issue with Wayland? I would consider switching from Wayland to X11 a pretty major downgrade.

Aravisian covered the "how" pretty well, only you can answer the "do I need to" part.


It's also possible the system could be set to run Wayland, but it fails and reverts to X11. To check, open a terminal and run: echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE

It will print "Wayland" if it's running.


It may be due to Steam, VM, Nvidia as well as xdg profiles all lacking support on Wayland.

No gear icon on the login screen. I am running X11. Just read that the nvidia drivers play nice with wayland as of 470.x.

Appendix L. Wayland Known Issues.

There is much yet to be done...

Why are you asking how to change from Wayland to Xorg?

I wasn't I was asking what am I running which has been provided further up the thread. I understood wayland was more snappy, I shall consult the known issues you linked to. Quite the list for 515 driver.

Wayland can be noticeably quicker for intense graphics rendering or low latency.
Other than that, though, the speed difference is in the centiseconds to miliseconds, far too small to be perceivable by a human.

Wayland can seem snappier to some users depending on what software they focus on. For the average user, however, there would not be a visible speed difference.
On paper, the concept behind Wayland is fantastic. In practice... it has many holes that need patching.

I for one, would love to see Wayland, as it is promised, functioning and working well. But in over a decade, it has yet to really overcome the persistent issues.
And opinions from each side abound on the internet. In the end, the only thing any user can do is try it out. Use it, test it and push Wayland to see how it responds.


Well doesn't look like I have the option of trying it as there is no gear icon on my login screen unless there is another way to try it?

You may need to select the option to log in as a different user, then click the gear icon, then login as your normal user.

Nope clicked "not listed" but no gear icon showed up.

GDM3 is fun...
I am surprised it just hides it rather than hiding it in a hamburger.

This is an old thread but it has images, if the reader ignores the Ubuntu color theme:

I see I have tried Ubuntu 22.04 and it is not on there either the only VM I can find wayland on is Mint 21.3 which has it marked as "experimental". Maybe it will show up in a future version.

Zorin OS core 17 comes with Wayland by default.

Are you on Core or Lite? Your profile lists both. 16 or 17?

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17 Core, but in the about box under settings it also says windowing system x11.

The system is designed to fall back to Xorg if Wayland encounters compatibility issues or if certain graphics drivers are not well-supported. This may also explain the complete lack of access to the Gear Icon since you have no other desktops installed and Wayland is in fallback mode.


That seems to explain the missing gear. Mint seem to work ok in a VM maybe it just needs more development.

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I think Aravisian makes an excellent point about Wayland. It's great in theory but not so much in practice. I would most definitely not consider using a half-baked solution an upgrade.

That said, I haven't found many issues with it personally while using Wayland in the past. However, it's undeniable that since the release of ZorinOS 17 just over a month ago the number of issues caused by the default use of Wayland in particular has sky-rocketed.


I too could not see the gears, but following the steps on the above site, X became system default.

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