How fix a direct access to Scribus in main Menu

I deleted the direct access to Scribus from Main Menu (Graphics). How could I fix it again? I have in USR/Share/applications/Scribus.Desktop installed from Zorin Menu's Software but can not run it.

Please HELP!!

I would first try running in terminal:

sudo apt install --reinstall scribus

That should get things going...

In Main Manu app, click Graphics; then New Item
In the popup window,
Name: Scribus
Command: scribus %f
Comment: Scribus

Then click OK


SOLVED!. I just created a new element in "Main Menu" tool in "Sistem tools" and adressed it to usr/share/applications/scribus it Works!
Noted your suggestions too for next time. Thanks!!

Also I have readed anywhere that for puting a new access to a program on desktop, it can be made with the genome-tweak-tool.
For general knowledge!

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