How i can mount all disks in the startup in xfce

i'm using nemo as default fm in zorin lite(xfce), i want to get all disks mount automatically when open pc. in the same time i don't want to see open windows for these disks in the startup( i mean mount in background)

You can add defaults,noauto 0 0 to the line containing the UUID of the drives you want to not automount in your /etc/fstab file.

I'm so sorry, i mean mount not unmount, i have edited the post.
i want to do that because i have shortcuts for appimage games in desktop, when i click it , give me error, because the disk where it is exists in it not mount and open, also i face that with bookmarks as in picture

thanks, I have solved that by using disks app: by unmark users session defaults, and mark mount options as in pic

but i needed to recreate bookmarks and shortcuts to get refreshing from new changes


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