How i can update bios in linux

i don't know if linux update bios automatically as other drivers, or i should update it, how i can update bios in linux?

BIOS and EFI firmware updates that are not automatically offered with your updates by your Distro OS must be run independently.

You cannot run a BIOS Update using WINE. That does not work.

For many manufacturers BIOS Updates, you can use the Disks utility in Zorin OS to apply them.
You can search a guide off the web to do this - as it is more involved than I trust myself to accurately remember off hand...
Depending on your Manufacturer, there are also several other methods:


Some motherboard manufacturers caution against updating the BIOS as long as it is working properly, so you should check carefully.


You can usually find a file on the bios update called a change log. Read this carefully, it will help you to decide whether the update is for you. You may not understand all of it, but for the most part, changelogs give a plain English representation of what is changed. Example:

  • Security update: upgraded to use the latest libraries (this is a generic statement, it will usually have the library name and version number)

  • Security update: fixed vulnerability of xxyy (do not avoid these... they are important)

  • Feature update: included support for 4k monitors (is this necessarily something you need/want? Do you have a 4k monitor? )

They usually have date and time stamps as well. Not everything will concern your machine or hardware. The bios is on many motherboards in many different types of machines. Read the changelog, then decide if you need it... then search for a way to install (usually offered by the board manufacturer since not everyone is on windows) .


I made a Free DOS boot thumbdrive using UNetBootin. Put your new BIOS on it and run. Make sure to change directory to C (type C: enter). It starts at A:.

Worked perfectly on my Dell Optiplex desktop.

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The one update I have avoided from Asus is to make the BIOS Windows 11 compatible!


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