How install GNOME to Zorin Lite

I would like to install GNOME (same as Core) to my Zorin Lite system. What is the command to do that?


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Gday @moshmont , To install Gnome on Zorin lite can be done, but may lead to issue's with some future installation of apps/extensions , which are normally all fixable but can lead to frustration/headaches ect.. You show That your using core?... so is Zorin lite on another pc? If so have you tried installing Zorin core to that pc?
let us know the pc spec's that your using Zorin lite on ....

Or just download Zorin 15.3 Education/gnome. try this link.


As AlBucko asks. Your profile states you have Core, so you have Lite on a second PC?

Another important question. Is that PC 64bit or 32bit. i.e. do you have Lite 15.3 32bit on it? If true then ignore anything to do with ZorinOS 16 as that is 64bit only.

If you want Z16 Core (Gnome) on that second PC then you may be better off to reinstall with Core instead of Lite. Backup your Home partition before doing that.
You can use the "something else" installation method to have full control of the installation and thereby choose not to format your Home partition thereby retaining it during installation.

Alternatively if you want to add Gnome or another Desktop Envionment to your existing OS. See this: [HOW TO] Install KDE (plasma), GNOME, XFCE, Cinnamon, MATE, Budgie, LXQt, LXDE and UKUI Dekstop Environments


Thanks for your responses. Yes, this is a second PC. This one is an old one (Toshiba Satellite S75) but it is fairly robust with 16gb memory and 1TB drive and Intel i7 processor. This system, right now, is just for testing things out. I currently have Zorin 16 Lite installed on it right now but I will probably just install Core to it ultimately.


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