How install my ASUS ROG Driver?

Hello, I am somewhat new in Linux environment, although I used ubuntu in my university computer lab so just know basic command. I installed Zorin Student version recently. I want to install all ASUS ROG driver for my ZORIN OS. My Laptop came with driver installer but its in .exe format and other hardware driver in .bat format. I installed WINE so it could run, but I tried several times .exe file is not running I don’t know how to run .bat in linux. So anyone got any idea how can I do so? I am unable to fully use my keyboard and unable to adjust my brightness or ROG ARMORY crate.

Zorin Student version- Are you referring to Zorin Education?
I must ask since there is not “Student version” and I want to make sure you were not offered something bootlegged.
Installing machine drivers using Wine will not work. Wine is a method of using some Windows apps, nothing more.
To install proper drivers, you must install for Linux.

Can you start out with the following in terminal?

sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall

Ideally, you can check what you have and what you need by running this in terminal:

ubuntu-drivers devices

Then choose a driver based on the list printed out by the terminal on your screen. For example, let’s say the highest recommended driver is nvidia-390, then you would enter in

sudo apt install nvidia-390

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Hello Thanks for responding. Yes I am taking about Zorin Education. (p.s my bad). Everything is working fine just I can’t use some keyboard shortcuts like adjusting brightness switching second display etc.( I fixed it for sound keys. I need these function is just because to control my CPU fan. It’s always on Turbo mode hence burning up my battery.

I think I read somewhere that the controls for brightness do work on Ubuntu 19.10. Which suggests that it would work on Ubuntu 20.04, upon which Zorin 16 is based (But not yet released).
I wonder if upgrading your kernel might be more viable than installing a new system, though.
If you would like to try that, you might install Mainline- as suggested by another Zorin user:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cappelikan/ppa

sudo apt install mainline

Then use the GUI tool to install a higher kernel. This comes with a caveat- it is called “Mainline” for installing mainline kernels, but it shows All Available kernels, not just the mainline kernels.

I recall my desktop’s GPU fan running a lot until I switched drivers under Software Updater Settings → Additional Drivers. Then it calmed down.
Do laptop GPUs have fans? I don’t know.
If you are referring to the CPU fan and not GPU fan, you should be able to check fan speed in BIOS.

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I am using ASUS ROG STRIX G CORE G531GT with Nvidia GTX 1650 4GB GPU so it have both CPU fan as well as GPU one. In windows we can control via Armoury crate. But in linux we have to work on kernal I think so, there are many tutorials online none of them is working tho

Can you try changing the GPU driver, as I suggested, and see if that calms down the fan?

Also, there are some script or terminal controls:


Thanks man that worked.

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