How involved and effective is WINE in Zorin?

I'm hoping to run several Windows apps in Zorin but info on actual user experience is non-existent (optimistic yes, but very vague).
Can I expect to run the famous image editor, Irfanview, the text editor, CryptEdit and various appearance utilities (CinemaDrape, Clutter Cloak etc) without wading through layers of WINE every use, and have them run problem-free??
Thanking you in advance...


PS: much is made of Zorin mimic-ing W7. It helps, sure, but W7 but it's not that important: simplicity/non-nerdiness is. Just shooting off my mouth here... :slight_smile:

Doing a quick search, Irfanview (I remember that was a staple when I was on Windows...) has a Platinum Rating on WINE HQ website.

I think you may get more informative responses on the Wine Forums:

One thing to consider is whether you need to run Windows apps on Linux. I recall not long ago when I migrated from Windows to Linux, I really stressed this and installed Wine right away. That lasted less than three months... I have not had Wine installed since.
There are many good Linux applications that perform the same or even better and work natively on Linux.


First of all welcome to the forum.
As already said wine is a compatibility tool that allows some Windows programs to run on Gnu Linux. However, it is not perfect, as sometimes problems can occur.
You should ask yourself if you can do without the programs you were using on Windows, if not, you might want to stay on Microsoft's operating system.
In general Gnu Linux has alternative programs, some of which are very good (LibreOffice, Gimp, ...), while others sometimes require a bit of learning to use (like Gimp, for example).
If you want to play games, there are alternatives such as Steam which has a fairly complete catalog.
"Windows will never be Linux, nor Linux will never be Windows".
Greetings and I reiterate my welcome.

One means of doing this is to run Windows in VMWare or Virtualbox as a Virtual Machine on Zorin OS.
@Frenchpress may have some good pointers there.

Very true. While GIMP is not as complex as Blender is, many users do not unlock its fuller potential. I have heard many opinions from those that briefly tried Gimp and said it's not as good as PhotoShop. While this is kind of true for the Professional-it *IS as good if not better than Photoshop for the average user. And for more then Gimp- Blender.

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Better if you find alternative that is available for Linux. It will take some time to get use to a completely new OS. What you learned in Windows, you can't really use it on Linux.

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sometimes there are some windows apps that run better on WINE than running directly on windows. :smiley: