How long is a long time

Upgrading two machines from 16.3 Lite to 17.1 Lite. One on an old Dual Pentium 2007 machine and one on a modern i5 machine with 60 mbit internet. Both upgrades completed successfully the i5 VM in about 20 minutes the Dual Pentium about 2½ hours. Anyone else upgrading?

The time it takes the "Do-Release-Upgrade" process can vary by quite a large margin.
For a base system, like a fresh install, it can go pretty quick. Especially as you factor in hardware differences.
But as a user adds third party repositories and third party software, all of this indpendent software upgrade information must be accessed remotely via the net. Funneled through the bottleneck of ports, disseminated for packet-loss and repaired... It can slow things down quite a bit.
Factor in netspeed and traffic and that can slow things down.

Different users can have vastly different Release Upgrades times; it is best to schedule a good amount of free time for it, just in case.
For me, I plan on doing it only when I have a 3 1/2 hour block of time available. (Which is part of why I do fresh installs, instead...)

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I've only used this on a virtual machine with 4GB of RAM, and it took a little over the hour. I agree with Aravisian on running a fresh install, it just makes things easier (and gives you an opportunity to finally delete all the nonsense in your desktop!)

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