How many install fans?

Hello all.
I am wondering with people who have a big station PC and how you have installed to best cooling fan inside and mount to get best temperature.
Are they good here options?

What you have experience with mount a fans and good cooling air inside?

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It sounds like you have a lot of fans.

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Yes two box many diffrents companies. I saw one case for 34 fans but I know not always good is installing everywhere. My new case will get rgb lian li 140mm 3x fans and 3x 140 mm noctua also 1 x back 140mm Back front is 140mm lian li no rgb but maybe i changed for better design with rgb - reading propably will be need a controler to fans lian li rgb.
Waiting for parts propably comes in this a Monday.
Ordered filter lian li iii kit from amazon. I don't know how long will waiting for them but reading with dustfilter is better.

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The absolute best option is to get a 200 - 300 CFM squirrel-cage blower, put a filter on its intake (I used round automobile air filters stacked up), then pipe its outlet to the case via 4" flexible aluminum ducting, so the case is positive-pressure.

Then have your GPU and power supply blowing the air out of the case. Possibly your CPU, too, if you can pipe it that way.

Everything remains pristine clean and it runs cool (and your room air is filtered of dust). If your GPU or power supply (or CPU if you've got it exhausting outside the case) fan fails, there's less risk of overheating components, because that squirrel-cage blower is forcing air through anyway.

When the air filters get loaded up, just take a vacuum cleaner attachment with a soft bristle brush and suck the dust off... I never replaced the original filters, no need to.

I used to have a huge Thermaltake case with 2 motherboards, 2 power supplies, etc. I opened it up after 3+ years so a guy who wanted to buy it could inspect it... it was as clean as the day I bought it.

I'm basically the, In Betweeny, setup over here. But, have you considered this?

A little something from Linus Tech Tips and, it was entertaining as well as informative.

Last place I worked had fans like that which ran on 240 VAC... to cool very large VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives). We also had some for smaller VFDs that ran on 120 VAC.

They chuck a lot of air, but don't develop much pressure. If you put filters on them and those filters load up, your airflow drops dramatically.

I saw how he doing a salad from carrot and cucumber.

That is correct but without a filterdust i get a dust inside and every a month i will be need a clening pc.
Someone used that solution it doesn't mean be with tape but near that a PC when is very hot.

Propably i will using that version on first photo, Next is little crazy.

This situation idea is good option or just for beautiful design with RGB?

Egads! My eyes! My Eyes!! Sorry, I couldn't resist, lol.

I have noticed that is more about pretty lights than cooling. You need to take control of the fan speeds and adjust them in order to get stronger airflow. By default, they are set to just kind spin, not really move air.
You also need to set the direction of flow. The horizontal fans can be a lower speed with the vertical fans pulling air in from the bottom and pushing out from the top.

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Yes that UNI Lian Li have some software where is many options. I Reading front fans can be stronger spped fan but under and on the top must be a lolwer to not fast out the air what is pumped inside.
The cabinet comes propably on monday and all hardware parts.
Filter I bought on amazon but when they are comes idk - some next 3 weeks, maybe someone have some experience with that amazon online shop. In scandinavian reseller don't find any filters anly case for pc to sell.
That id weird a case PC don't comes with filters and controler to the fan.
Propably good business with that all "LanCOOL" components with that lights.
Propably will need some hub for fan connectors.

I just have the default setup on my CoolerMaster Silencio 650:

and for the CPU, the best air cooler (apart from newer models):

Noctua NH-D15:


But I could not install with the second fan due to RAM preventing me from using it!

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The thing is, are you looking at the Rainbow or the Monitor when sat at the computer? I've never really seen the point to these! (Even though the PSU and motherboard have them (I have the mobo switched off)).

Liquid Nitrogen anyone?:

Oh I am NOT even cool enough for THAT. LOL

The cpu fan i have that .
I saw people installing a fan from a ram side because it taken cold air from front panel. My ram can be installed under this fan.
From old cabinet i have 3x 140mm noctua
and 120mm.
This cable rgb what i saw the connections i don't liked it is for some young people. My cabinet is under desk.
I will going with default setup or maximum.
I must check how big is that cabinet and all my installed components.
Besides i saw software them working only propably with lian li fans with that controller hub.
So conclusion is forget a light shining disco a case but most important air condition cooling.
In summer soon my cpu now have that temperature.

This temperature is on old PC
Propably on new PC will be the same.
Here is 8 temperature today. Scandinavian is cold.
Thanks @swarfendor437 for photo what you put i will go your option 99% what is on this photo with minimal or max fans.
Your case CoolerMaster Silencio 650 is near mine on old PC

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